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Please order our dates by mail or online
Email Pato at PATOZDRM@aol.com 


The 2013 harvest of our organically grown dates is almost complete, with beautiful Medjool and Halawi dates now available at localharvest.org and those and other varieties offered at Alhambra Farmers' Market on alternate Sundays. Visit us on Facebook for our Farmer's Market schedule and variety availability.

Serious monsoon rains hit us in late August and early September, and our crop of Deglet Noor dates was again heavily damaged and is not available at this time. Our harvest of fresh khalal dates ended October 1, with bumper crops of Mariana and Barhi dates, sold still on their bunches and strands, crunchy like an apple.

We are offering 6-lb. "bargain boxes" of Medjools, Halawis, and Tabarzals, smaller and firmer fruit packed in 1-lb. paper bags, great for snacking, baking and cooking. Our premium fruit, the largest and softest of each variety is packed in 2-lb. boxes, and shipped two boxes 4 lbs.) in a postal priority mail flat rate box.


FRESH DATES BY MAIL (order on line at localharvest.org) Send check or money order to Pato's Dream Date Gardens, 60-499 Harrison, Thermal, Ca 92274. Inscribed gift cards you send us can be included. Sorry, no credit card or phone orders.

Premium fruit, our largest and softest of each variety:

___Medjools (4 lbs) @ $24 plus $16 shipping and handling = $40 per order: _____

___Halawis (4 lbs) @ $20 plus $16 ship ping and handling = $36 per order: _____

Bargain boxes, smaller and dryer fruit:

___ Medjools (6 lbs) @ $36 plus $16 shipping and handling = $52 per order: _____

___Halawis (6 lbs) @ $24 plus $16 shipping and handlilng = $40 per order: _____

___Tabarzals (6 lbs) @ $30 plus $16 shipping and handling = $46 per order: _____

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City, State, Zip: _______________________________________________

Email Pato at